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About Us
The Agency

While all advertising agencies seem to be working in traditional way for different brands, here is an agency dedicated to work in new style and new possibilities into media line.

Perfect 2 is upcoming communication group that has power & willingness to turn many small brands into market leaders. Our strength lies in our ability to develop what we call the high-value idea – an idea that transforms a marketing proposition into an enduring brand asset.

The high-value idea evolves from our unique ‘problem-biased thinking’ approach. Here, we burrow deep into the client’s marketing challenge, immerse ourselves in it, understand it inside-out…and then develop communication solutions for it.

How we work

To service our client’s requirements in a better way, we have moved away from the traditional assembly line structure that characterizes many media agencies. Our structure comprises business units that service the client’s business and hence are the expert on the category and the consumer. A typical team has a business head, supported by a battery of strategic and implementation executives as well as operations executives. The team’s focus is always the client’s business and they are also the single point contact.

To bring in additional focus on Strategy and Buying there are specialized Units. These are core to all the key business units and are tapped by them whenever there is need for inputs on new tools, theories, channel trends and industry benchmarks.

Mission Statement

We compete to be the leader in providing customized communication solutions that create better return on investments for our clients.

We achieve this through hiring the best resources, application of our tools, experience, cross category learning’s, media relationships and most importantly our structure which is a mix of business teams and specialist units. We believe that the brand/company need should lead the media strategies instead of vice versa. Transparency in all dealings that can pass all audit standards is a matter of hygiene.

360 Degree

To keep pace with the evolving nature of brand requirements and media environment, we give 360 solutions. We provide media solutions in the area of Out of Home & non conventional consumer contact points. The spectrum spans from Film Marketing to In-film advertising, Modern trade, Public utilities, Events and more.

Solutions are developed based on the brand proposition, objective and consumer understanding. In many cases we have created the options rather than riding on existing concepts.